Christina Schnock: Neo Dance Company (Germany)

Productions from Germany and abroad will accompany the IDCF in 2019. The stage is served by the Robert Bosch Hall of the VHS. The performance is on saturday the 27.04.2019 at  12:30 PM


Anastyle : The Project Crew (Italy)

The performance is on friday the 26.04.2019 at 09:00 PM by the Robert Bosch Hall of the VHS.



The Hip-Hop Battles in Stuttgart are part of the IDCF. Dancers from the urban scene can compete here. A top-class jury of dancers rates the participants according to their abilities. Talents receive scholarships from the IDCF and prize money of up to 500.- Euro. Everyone can join regardless of participation at the IDCF.


Silent Party @ 03:00 PM-09:00 PM | Thursday, April 25th

A bike, three trailers, headphones et voilá, the disco is ready: The Australian Nathan Thurlow lets you dance at the IDCF Stuttgart. The special feature: The music does not come from speakers, but from wireless headphones, which the 34-year-old gives to the dance-willing persons. There will be tea, snacks and water. Nathan Thurlow wants to connect people through dance with his “Silent Party”. That’s exactly what he accomplishes without making a sound, but with bringing a lot of fun and joy to the guests. This party will blow everyone’s socks off. The IDCF wants to connect people with the dance, one of many mutual goals of us and Nathan! This party is free for people who do not participate in the IDCF, too. Exact times and information will follow.

Freaky Friday night @ 09:30 PM | Friday, April 26th

It’s time to get freaky. Dress up and make up as you like – just be freaky! Dress to impress and don’t be scared to be different. This will be a night of the extraordinary creatures and extraordinary dance moves. Our DJ plays Soul + R & B beats. All IDCF participants are invited to the freaky dance night. Free for IDCF participants (wristband only) For non-IDCF-participants 5.- Euro entry.

Black & White Hip-Hop Party @ 09:30 PM | Saturday, April 27th

On Saturday the 27th of April we’re having a great after party after the Stuttgart Battle in the Robert Bosch Hall in the VHS. Dance with us to the hottest beats by DJ Famye. All participants of the IDCF Stuttgart and also people from outside are sincerely invited. Put on your fancy black or white outfits and have a great night! Free for IDCF participants (wristband only) For non-IDCF-participants 5.- Euro entry.


The project Kitanzt is meant for all day care centres from Stuttgart. This project is designed for children and nurtures of these day care centres and is free. Our children dance educator creates several choreographies, from which the day care centres can choose one. The nurtures develop over a period of two months the choreography with the children. The whole ends with a great show at the IDCF. Kitanzt enriches the offerings of the day care centre with dance. In the mean while over 25 days care centres are taking part and the amount grows from year to year.


DanceEmotion Academy Auditions at the IDCF Stuttgart 2019 for the Professional Education in Contemporary/Jazz/Ballet (3 Years full Time Program) or HipHop (2 Years):
27.04.2019  3:20-4:50 pm.
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