Maeva Loureiro

Maeva started dancing at a very young age before going to the Jacques Thibault conservatory in Bordeaux.

After obtaining her final diploma, she continued her dance training at Studio Harmonic in Paris.
She trained with Corinne Lanselle, Salem Hammadi, Peter Mika, Olga Cobos…

She obtained her contemporary E.A.T in 2014.
After obtaining her contemporary DE in 2017, she joined the teaching team at Studio Harmonic. She develops her work in parallel in different structures in Paris, working with foreign students as part of exchanges between France and China.

Her work combining joint relaxation, contraction and relaxation is nourished by raw movements. The soil has an important place within its universe.

In September 2023 Maeva opens her dance school Le Reflet Des Arts in the southwest of France