Andy Lemond

Andy Lemond started his apprenticeship in 1985 in Ontario (Canada) at the universal School of Jazz. He danced many years for well known companies (Nora Granger Modern Company, Paris/Tap Luis Dancers, Toronto) until he was engaged as choreographer by Jesse Porter for the Dance Academy of Toronto. At the moment, Andy is one of the top choreographers in Europe. No matter if for amateurs or for advanced, the workshops of Andy Lemond are so sweeping, that many are very surprised after the course, what he can get out of the people. He has an unbelievable motivating energy that captivates people during his workshop. He educates well structured and can respond very sensitively to his students. With a lot of power and dynamic, he brings people to their limits. And he does it in such a humorous way that the participants have a lot fun doing it. He is unique as an educator. Andy is a guest at all important workshops all over the world. As one of the few experts in the field of Jazz, Hip-Hop and Modern Jazz, he has made his mark in the world of professionals as well as among the audiences especially by this variety. In coherence with his name, you often hear the word Chameleon. His dancing style is so unique, that there is no other way to describe it: there is a new dancing style in the market and its name is Lemond-Style. It is a mix of different dancing styles, that are combined with each other very creatively by Andy Lemond and so they are expressed in a completely new way.