Alexandra Lemoine

Born in Paris, Alexandra Lemoine discovered dance at a very early age through her mother, a professional dancer and choreographer. At the age of five she was already dedicated to making dance a professional career. Alexandra is educated in Alvin Aileys Technique and has followed courses by Sophie Hasendahl-Maridet and Karine Finet. With her technical exam (EAT) in hand she applied at the Institute of Professional Training for Jazz Dance in the centre of Paris. She participated at the young ballet of the school just to become part of Rick Odums professional company six months after, where she got a solo-part in his piece „Voile de Silence“. Since then she has continued to work on various TV- and Movie-Productions and Shows and still follows her desire to share her passion with a large number of people at home and elsewhere. We’re happy her way has led her to our camp where she’ll be teaching this April.