We are looking for motivated and dedicated people for our team of helpers at all IDCF´s to take care of the admission and of the reception.

You want to work in a dynamic team at the IDCF and are a team player? Having fun and at the same time being able to live out your passion for dance? To make sure, that our participants and our training staff feel at ease? Experiencing unforgettable moments and becoming a part of our huge dance community?

Apply now for a helper at IDCF.

It is fun to be a helper! You’re fully integrated in the dance family and you get involved in the camp in order to make it fantastic!

Ronja Hamann

IDCF Helper

I´m a helper at the IDCF because I think it´s very exciting to experience the Dance Camp in front of and behind the scenes and because it gives you the possibility to connect with a lot of interesting people that share the same passion!

Vika Heidukova

IDCF Helper